City of Humanity Blog

The history of Birgu - Part 1

In this series of blogs, Ms. Carole Pietrzac a cultural historian will give us a detailed account of the history of the town of Birgu, one of the oldest towns in Malta. It is in Birgu that the libretto of City of Humanity 1 – Behind the Fortifications unfolds. In this first part, Ms. Pietrzac talks about the BIRGU peninsula in prehistoric and classical times.

The Tenor Voice - Part 2

In this second part of the articles focusing on the tenor voice, Mr. Charles Vincenti gives us further historical detail about the tenor.

The Tenor Voice - Part 1

After we were presented with very interesting information about the phenomenon of the Castrati by Alan Scerri, 2 weeks ago, this week we again take up the topic of the operatic voice with an article in two parts focusing on the tenor voice. The article is by Mr. Charles Vincenti, a tenor himself.