Reuben Pace

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So what should the reader expect from the blog of a project consisting mainly of the production of 3 brand new operas in Maltese interictally intertwined with the discovery of new artistic talent and the inherent educational nature of this undertaking ?

Naturally the most obvious subject would be how the project is proceeding behind the scenes but the blogs will not be limited to just this. These blogs shall feature articles about the production from the different points of view of the individuals involved in the production whether they are students, mentors, teachers, lecturers, professionals or performers.

Historians will give us an insight about the periods in which the first 2 operas are set that is 16 th century Malta and Malta during World War 2. The history of opera in Malta, Maltese operatic singers and other composers of Maltese opera will also feature. Linguists will give us interesting information about the Maltese language which is unique in the world. The main performers will talk to us about their experience of opera production and how this project differs from others they have performed in.

The different aspects of opera production will also be covered in plain simple English for readers who are not familiar with the world of opera (and multi-disciplinary artistic works in general).

Finally yours truly as the producer and the main driving force behind this project will give you my opinion about several aspects of the opera world such as composing music in a multi-disciplinary setting, collaborating with performers, interaction with artists from other fields of the arts asides from music, the list goes on, all you have to do is follow us and read.

Reuben Pace producer / composer / artistic director