Francisco Balbi di Correggio

Balbi di Corregio's Diary - 22nd of May - Preparing Birgu for a fight

Tuesday, 22 May

… the Grand Master who was at the post of Auvergne noticed that the Ottomans were reconnoitring the Birgu, especially near the Post of Castile, which was very weak and hemmed in by houses. The Grand Master ordered the demolition of these houses with all haste and, with the stones, he commenced to build an inner wall as the second place of defence with many traverses for heavy artillery and loopholes for musketry. It was so designed that, if the Post of Castile should be lost the enemy would be confronted by this second line of defence. At this time the intention of the enemy to attack St Elmo was apparent. This was later confirmed by a renegade who came into the Birgu.

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