Reuben Pace

Open call for artists interested to assist!

Ms. Nicky Shaw the Set Designer of City of Humanity 1
Ms. Shaw will also be giving some masterclasses/workshops. Dates will be announced in the near future.

Ms. Nicky Shaw is one of the UK’s most renowned Set Designers. Visit www.nickyshaw.co.uk for more information and to see examples of her work.
Ms. Shaw has been contracted as the set designer for the first opera in the first
ever Maltese Opera Cycle City of Humanity 1 – Behind the Fortifications whose
premier shall happen on the 14th of November.
While she is in Malta Ms. Shaw will take some assistants to help her in her
work. This is a unique opportunity to work with a professional set designer in a
unique production.
If interested send an email with a CV to beltilbniedem@gmail.com.