Francisco Balbi di Correggio

Balbi di Corregio's Diary - 2nd of July - A relief party comes

Monday, 2 July

News came from the City (Mdina) of the landing of a relief party of seven hundred men among whom were forty knights of the Order and twenty gunners, and that their commander was a knight of the Order of Santiago, maestro de campo of the garrison of Sicily whose name was Melchor Robles, a knight of great worth, courage and experience.

Shortly after this, the Grand Master had thought of having a boat transported by land from the Birgu to Marsaxlokk by way of the gate of Castile; but no opportunity offered itself. He had thought of this stratagem because theĀ Ottomans' fleet was no longer at Marsaxlokk but was keeping a permanent watch on the mouth of the harbour.

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