Francesca Grima

Why I feel the need to express myself in the arts

Francesca Grima is one of the young authors working on the libretto of the second opera. Next September she will be starting her fifth form at Pembroke Secondary School, St. Clare College. Besides being a poet and an author Francesca is also a singer. Click here to watch a video of her performing at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.
I have always found solace in music, writing, reading and singing. I can never express myself thoroughly just by talking. Something about running my fingers across the keys on the piano and making up my own melody, my own little song always gave me pleasure. I always adored singing and reading because those two things for me mean escaping this world and entering a world that is mine only and is filled with wonderful things. Music and stories whisk me away into faraway lands that are too beautiful for me to let go of so I have to keep on writing, playing the piano, reading and singing.
Because of this I am a huge daydreamer. I find myself shutting a lot of people out just because I would be thinking about a song or some form of text, be it prose or poetry.
I am also a very determined person, and when I want something I work very hard to get it. My dream was to publish a book and I spent three years making that dream come true. It was not an easy task but the hardship of it outweighed the beauty of seeing my book in a book shop.
Another dream I had was to take part in the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest and when that dream came true, when I was on stage singing my heart out, I felt amazing and knew that nothing could give me more joy than accomplishing something like that, like singing on that stage.
The opera libretto that I am currently writing in collaboration with 2 other authors gives me an opportunity to continue developing my writing skills and even widen the spectrum of my general knowledge. I also have never written for such a big production and so it’s an honour to have been chosen together with other people to write this amazing libretto .
The arts give me the opportunity to show people my true aesthetic and I am grateful for that. I am grateful for the music that blesses my ears everyday … from 21 Pilots music to Debussy. I am thankful also for the words which fill my mind and form overwhelming thoughts, fantastical ideas, beautiful descriptions and wonderful quotes that cannot be simply spoken but must be written down.

Next week’s blog will feature the first article in a series of articles about the history of opera in Malta.