Reuben Pace

News 4 – The Libretto for City of Humanity 2 -The Island Fortress Completed


The libretto for the second installment of City of Humanity 2 has been completed. The libretto takes place in Malta (mainly Valletta) during World War 2. During one of the darkest periods in human history Malta was fiercely attacked by the Axis forces particularly Italy and Germany. Malta was then under the rule of the British Empire and since it’s ports were essential for the British Navy it was of strategic importance for Britain. The islands are only 40 km away from Sicily and hence could be easily attacked both by air and by sea.
In fact Malta was the most bombed place on Earth during WW2.

As with the first libretto the second libretto consists of a uniquely intertwined mixture of fact and fiction providing an interesting array of characters and a unique plot line.

The libretto has been written by veteran author Ġorġ Peresso along with a young, extremely talented author Amy Borg (15 years old).