Reuben Pace

Blog 23 Astrid Cacciatore

Summer 2021 was one of the most rewarding summers for my continuous learning progress. Being
trusted the role of Bessy in the First Opera film ‘Blat’, music of local composer Reuben Pace and
words of George Peresso and Amy Borg, was truly the most challenging experience so far. This was
my debut as a main soloist in an opera. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work with
Riccardo Bianchi, musical director. His passion for music and methods of teaching were astonishing.
Taking a first look at Pace’s music one might feel threatened, as any new music the first stages were not easy as it is a new idiom, however Bianchi

made the learning process run smoothly and after only a few sessions singing Pace felt natural.
Entering Bessy’s character was less challenging for me. Bessy is bubbly, full of life, very loud and a
flirty. These are trades that my character shares by nature. From previous projects I have gained
staging experience, however, being under the cameras was truly challenging as methods of acting
varied slightly. Film director Alan Fenech and his assistant Michelle Zerafa took the time to provide
us with acting workshops that were not only a great opportunity to learn more about acting and
filming, it served as a good way to bring out the character. Althea Palombi Corlett and her dance
team also made my experience a great one with their workshops. The flexibility I gained in my
movement through their love of dancing made a difference to my every move. During the filming,
the cast was professional and helpful in every need. Had patience, tips and hints to feel more at ease
with our peers as well as in front of a camera.
Last but not least, I cannot thank enough the support of my teacher Andriana Yordanova, her
dedication is impeccable and if it wasn’t for her continuous belief in me, I wouldn’t be where I am
today. The opportunity Mikiel Anton Vassalli College allowed me served me to enhance not only my
musical knowledge but also my acting abilities. I look forward to having more opportunities like these
and using all the skills learned so far and more in future projects.

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