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Reuben Pace

Blog 84 - Riccardo Bianchi


I had the opportunity to work on the preparation of Reuben Pace's opera Blat as choirmaster and repetiteur.


The musical language of Reuben Pace is a kind of expressionism extremely personal. It was really very challenging to get into his "sound world", but should not discourage the difficulty of reading at first glance, because the internal coherence of his language carries a message of powerful dramaturgical wisdom.


I think this is precisely the strength of Reuben Pace: thinking about music in a dramaturgical key: more than sounds his music is made of gestures, musical actions designed to strike.


If we add to this, a remarkable ability to outline the interesting psychology of the characters, I can undoubtedly say that the musical experience was definitely a challenge, but very interesting.


All the students and musicians I worked with during this project, have shown excellent commitment and professionalism.

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