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Blat Art Co-Ordinator Umberto Buttigieg featured on MaltArti

The Opera Film BLAT – The Island Fortress, a production by Mikiel Anton Vassalli College is featured on the local TV programme MaltArti. The focus is on the Film Art Co-ordinator Mr Umberto Buttigieg who is discussing the costume designs used in this epic opera production.
Being also the Administrator of the MAVC Malta School of Art, Mr Buttigieg organised a webinar for students taking art studies explaining the Artist as a Designer – Exploring the creative process in Film and Theatre/Opera. Around 80 students of art participated.
» Webinar Invite: The Artist as Designer – Exploring the Creative Process in Film and Theatre/Opera (gov.mt)

Director of BLAT Wins Malta Film Award

The Mikiel Anton Vassalli College and City of Humanity would like to congratulate Mr Alan Fenech, School Administrator at the Malta School for Dance & Drama, which is found within the same College, for the prestigious award won last Saturday at the Malta Film Awards. Fenech won the Best Classic Award for his film Scrooge which he had produced with Tony Parnis.
Scrooge was produced in 2008, and this film meant that for the first time ever, a classic book was available in Maltese for and on local television. The film, directed by Tony Parnis, was written, and produced by Alan Fenech who also interpreted the part of Bob Cratchit in this production.
Scrooge had original music composed by Dominic Cini, costumes by Louiè Noir, editing by Justin Camilleri and a makeup team led by Anton Farrugia, which were some of the main aspects that made this production one of a high calibre.

Volunteers of Blat – The Island Fortress awarded with Masterclasses Opportunities

‘Blat – The Island Fortress’ the first ever Maltese opera film forms part of
City of Humanity’, an artistic and educational platform conceived by Dr Reuben Pace, with its executive producer being the Mikiel Anton Vassalli College. This follows Swar, a 2018 opera, which was the first production from this platform.
The production of this project involved several volunteers without which this production would not have been possible. Amongst the volunteers where the students carrying out studies in Voice Performance at the MAVC Malta School of Music. These students formed the female section of the opera choir along with 2 other students who took part as soloists.