City of Humanity Gallery

A light moment in the dressing room area
A light moment this time backstage with opera director Michael Moxham
A member of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra warming up before the performance
Assistant director Simone Ellul and Stage Direcor Athanasia Bartzoka discussing technical issues
Elettra del Mistro and Doreen working hard on the final touches to the costume
Everyone busy in the dress rehearsal area
final touch to Astrid Cacciatore
Make up being applied to mezzo-soprano Clare Ghigo.
Make up being applied to Portughese baritone Ricardo Panela who premiered the role of De Vallette
One of our younger members of our cast getting final hairdressing touches
Orchestra conductor Mro. Robert Ferrerdiscussing musical aspects with a member of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra
The technical team - Sergio Costa, Chris Gatt and Athanasia Bartzoka
This is only part of the make up set
Assistant director Simone Ellul taking down notes
Assistant director Simone Ellul with the Malta School of Music Young Singers
Director Michael Moxham explaining the performance
Director Michael Moxham explaining to soprano Nicola
Leading lady soprano Nicola Said
Michael Moxham with Robert Ferrer
Opera Director Michael Moxhamwith the solo singers and the vocal ensemble
Orchestral Conductor Robert Ferrer
Repetiteur - Natalia Rakhmatulina
Robert Ferrer, Clare Ghigo and Ken Scicluna
The City of Humanity vocal ensemble
The Malta School of Music Young Singers
the malta visual and performance arts school
Abdullah Tkellem (Abdullah Speak Out)
curtain call
Dellha lħuf Magħhna (Its Shadow Lingers Amongst Us )
Feraħ Missierek Joħlom (Your Father Rejoiced, Dreaming)
Il-Gwerra ma Ġġiebx Sliem, Imma Gwerer Oħra ( war does not bring peace, but other Wars )
Ir-Rebħa Ksibna (Victory is ours)
Ir-Rebħa Tidher Tagħhom (victory seems to be theirs)
Kien Żmien, Żmien llu (It was a long, long time ago)
Kliem il-Mulej Jidwi Shieh F'Qalbi (The Words of the Lord echoe in my Heart)
L-Għanja ta Settembru (the September song)
Leħen li Ħnaqt Ġo Qalbi (A voice I stiffled in my heart)
Lil Għadu Nirkbu (We shall win over the enemy)
Mantar Bis-Salib Abjad ( A flag with white cross)
Marbuta Qisna Bhejjem (Tied up like cattle)
Min hu Bħali, min hu Sieħbi (who is like me, who is my mate)
Min huwa l-Għadu Tiegħi (who is my enemy)
Min Ġewwa dawn Kidduna ( They troubled us from inside our walls )
Msejkna Oħti
Qed Tismagħha Birgu Tiegħi (can you hear it my Birgu)
Rajtek Imħawwda Xbejba (I saw you confused young lady)
Ta Wicc Sabih, t'Ghajnejn Imbissma (Tjsoe of pretty faces, smiling eyes)
Te Deum
X'Jiswa I-Kliem Fl-Isbah Vangelu Mqieghed (what are the words in the most beautifu of Gospels worth)
Ġej Żmien li Jfarrak Tifkirientna (A time is coming that will crush our memories)
creative team in Birgu
creative team
Librettist Gorg Peresso giving details of the view from the Birgu Local Council
Nicky Shaw, Gorg Peresso, Michael Moxham and Reuben Pace on a tour of Birgu
Reuben with Gorg
Robert Ferrer giving a lecture at the University of Malta
Robert Ferrer with University of Malta Music Faculty-2
Robert Ferrer with University of Malta Music Faculty