Paid Positions

We currently have no vacancies, please check back regularly for any new positions.

Apprenticeship / Volunteer

City of Humanity is inviting authors who have or want to write articles in some way connected with opera and/or multi-disciplinary productions to submit them for consideration to be included in the City of Humanity blog section. Articles about the Reneaissance period in Malta and the Knights of St. John are also welcome. Apply by sending an email to beltilbniedem@gmail.com.

Three(3) understudies are required for City of Humanity 1 – 2 tenors and a bass. Send an email with CV to beltilbniedem@gmail.com.

As part of the production team, we are currently recruiting for 2 assistant directors to work along with Michele Ruta Moxham who is the principal director of City of Humanity 1. The assistants will carry a considerable responsibility, the role will include the following duties:

1. Taking rehearsals in the absence of the director
2. Preparing any understudies
3. Being responsible for the distribution of schedules
4. Conveying director's notes and corrections,
5. Be in charge of preparing the rehearsal room
6. Giving some creative input in the staging of chorus, children and actors, especially as this is essentially an all English-speaking creative team(and the libretto of the opera is in Maltese).

The creative team is of high international calibre and the prospective applicants will gain invaluable knowledge from this experience. The candidate should have good English and Maltese language skills, a strong drive, be organised, self motivated and most importantly a team player. Ideally he/she should be able to read sheet music.

We will be shortlisting candidates from submitted applications, who will then be interviewed, followed, possibly by a workshop. No previous experience is required, although preferred.

Candidates should be available between the 15th of October and 17th of November.

Applications should be sent to michaelrmoxham@gmail.com