Francisco Balbi di Correggio

Balbi di Correggio's Diary - 21st of June - The feast of Corpus Christi

Thursday, 21 June

On Thursday 21 June, the feast of Corpus Christi, the Turks bombarded all parts without intermission and prepared fresh apparatus for the reduction of St Elmo. On our side we did not fail to celebrate this great day as best and as most devoutly we could. In the Birgu the Grand Master took part in the procession and, for some time, personally carried one of the poles of the canopy in company with the Knights of the Grand Cross. The Bishop carried the monstrance, and all knights, commanders and soldiers excepting those on duty at the Posts, as well as the women and children, joined in the procession, imploring our Lord that he might deliver us. The procession went by a different route from the usual one in order to be undercover and to avoid drawing the fire of the Turks. On this day the Grand Master carrying his baton and with a napkin over his shoulder, served food to thirteen poor men and the Knights of the Grand Cross, carried food and gave it to the poor people who asked for it. This is a custom of the Order which is most commendable and worthy of notice.

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