Reuben Pace

From 29 July to 2 August

When Muñatones together with many knights and soldiers, arrived at the entrance to the tunnel and saw the great danger in which they had been; they also discovered the other mine…

Great was the joy of the Grand Master at our miraculous deliverance from such great peril, and he offered thanks fo God, as always, for he always went alone to the Church of St Lawrence and there said his prayers. He always did this whenever he had a moment of respite.

On the last day of July, the enemy, seeing that this stratagem had been discovered, recommended to bombard with great fury, their fire being directed against the houses and on this day, they did not fire on the batteries at which repairs never ceased…

Although the Grand Master made all possible provisions for the safety of the women and children and gave orders that they should take shelter in safer places, of which there were not many nevertheless many of them perished under the ruins of their houses.

The indomitable Grand Master had good reason for great apprehension but he hid his feelings with the usual tact. His greatest trouble was the absence of news fom Don Garcia and ignorance of the enemy’s designs. He could not send out emergencies by land or by sea since the Turks had already repaired the chain at the mouth of the harbour which had been broken during a strom; while all exit was blocked on the land side. Although our works were in very bad condition and the Turkish trenched so very near, he orderet it to be known that if any soldier should capture a Turk alive, besides the honour gained, he should receive fifty scudi. Thus he hoped to gain some information as to the intentions of the enemy…

In order to encourage his men (for he took pride in their valour) Romegas promised to pay 100 scudi out of his own purse in addition to the reward offered by the Grand Master to whoever should captule alive Turk from the trenches.

Romega’s men knowing what their captain wanted, decided to go to is-Salvatur trenches and endeavour to satisfy his wish.

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