Reuben Pace

Balbi di Corregio's Diary - 7th September

During the whole of this siege Our Lord, in His infinite mercy, has always sided and protected us miraculously especially on the 7 September, the eve of the Nativity of the Virgin, Mother of God, for on this day the Janizaries and Spahis who were left had already entered their trenches for a final assault, but Our Lord permitted that when they were about to attack, discord arose among them, so they left the trenches and went to the Pasha.

While this dispute was going on, our watchmen at St Angelo spied a galiot coming from the direction of Għawdex and enter the Marsa-M’Xett, others ran over the Cortin Hill towards their fleet.

Not long afterwards thirty-five galleys went out of the Marsa M’Xett harbour on their mizen sails and took up a position in front of the mouth of the harbour. We then knew that help was at hand and we all expected to be safe and free once more.

By this time those at St Angelo and on the bastions of Auvergne and Provence discovered the fleet of the might and Catholic King of Spain Don Philip II. The fleet made a signal to us at which our great joy can be imagined and we showed it by mounting our parapets, there being no Turks to fire on us from the trenches or batteries, being busy withdrawing their tents and baggage to their ships.

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