Reuben Pace

Blog 72 - Spanish Conductor Robert Ferrer gives his experience of participating in the premier of City of Humanity 1.

During October and November 2018 I had the pleasure to participate in the rehearsals and world premiere of the new opera City of Humanity, with libretto by Ġorġ Peresso and music by Reuben Pace. The performance took place on Wednesday 14th November 2018 in the Mediterranean Conference Center of Valletta (Malta). As conductor, I was really lucky and happy to work with such an amazing international team formed by excellent soloists, a hard-working chamber chorus, a lovely children´s choir from the Malta School of Music, my appreciated stage director Michael Moxham and set and costume designer Nicky Shaw, stage manager Athanasia Bartzoka, and a large list of unforgettable and fantastic people. In the orchestra pit, the very sensitive and versatile musicians from the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra performed Reuben Pace´s music with intensity and respect.

If I have to talk about Reuben Pace´s music in some words, I would say that is respectful and logical with the musical tradition of the Composition in the 20th and 21st Centuries, using inspired musical conceptions and including techniques and basic dramatic elements in connection both with the world of contemporary music and the art of the opera. Nowadays it is not common to have the opportunity to present a new work to the audience, and to prepare the production of a complete opera as part of an operatic cycle is even more difficult and infrequent. So sincerely I want to thank very much all the people involved in the production of City of Humanity for this wonderful artistic experience in Malta.

Robert Ferrer with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

Photo credits : Fabian Radu

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