Reuben Pace

Blog 77- Mark Bartolo, bass in the City of Humanity vocal ensemble.

In this blog, Mark Bartolo one of the 2 basses in the City of Humanity vocal ensemble gives his experience in taking part in the production of City of Humanity 1 – Swar.

Way back in July we started with our first singing rehearsals as a vocal ensemble. We went through each scene and worked our way through as individual voice groups and then as a small ensemble. After three months we then started with staging rehearsals with director Mr. Michael Moxham. We built the scenes together as an ensemble and then we joined the children’s choir (who took part in two of the opera scenes ) and the soloists to complete the scenes. Choreography sessions were also held with Ms. Althea Corlett.

Four months of rehearsals culminating in a great premiere on the 14th of November on a spectacular stage designed by Ms. Nicky Shaw. With regards to costumes, Ms. Nicky Shaw was also in charge, ably assisted by Ms. Lucy Fowler. I personally wore two different costumes; that of a noble and then that of a peasant. The music, written by Dr. Reuben Pace and played by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, was under the baton of Mro. Robert Ferrer. The libretto was written by Gorg Peresso - some old Maltese was even used to reflect the era in which the opera was held.

An experience to truly cherish, where I got to meet and work with talented people from all aspects of life. Participating in a Maltese opera adds to my opera vocal ensemble experience, this time in my national language. Going back through time and “living” the times of the Knights went quite in sync with the place in which the performance was held, as the Mediterranean Conference Centre used to actually be a Knights hospital yard itself!

In the next blog, Amy Borg a 15 year old artist talks about her experience as a repertoire during the entire production process of City of Humanity 1.

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