Reuben Pace

Volunteers of Blat – The Island Fortress awarded with Masterclasses Opportunities

‘Blat – The Island Fortress’ the first ever Maltese opera film forms part of
City of Humanity’, an artistic and educational platform conceived by Dr Reuben Pace, with its executive producer being the Mikiel Anton Vassalli College. This follows Swar, a 2018 opera, which was the first production from this platform.
The production of this project involved several volunteers without which this production would not have been possible. Amongst the volunteers where the students carrying out studies in Voice Performance at the MAVC Malta School of Music. These students formed the female section of the opera choir along with 2 other students who took part as soloists.

The platform City of Humanity is not just about putting up a multi-disciplinary production but also about the continued professional development of everyone involved. Thus, as a sign of gratitude and to focus on this professional development these voice students were given the unique opportunity of a one-on-one masterclass with international, Grammy award winner mezzo-soprano Jennifer Larmore who came to Malta on purpose to give these masterclasses in voice performance” said Dr Reuben Pace the Artistic Director of the Production and conceiver of the City of Humanity platform.
During these masterclasses these 8 students were given a unique perspective on several aspects of their vocal technique and musicality. Whilst a student was having her masterclass, the other students stayed on observing to further enhance their learning experience.
For me the masterclass was very insightful and helped me identify areas to work more on improving. Ms. Larmore was also extremely helpful and supportive throughout the session and ensured that each of us got something meaningful out of the session,” stated Maria Grazia Grech, a student who attended the masterclass.
Another student, Mariah Costa who also had the opportunity to be present for this masterclass, said that this has been one of the most profoundly enriching experiences of her musical journey. “It was truly a wonderful, inspiring and memorable learning experience. My gratitude goes to Mezzo Soprano Clare Ghigo for her impeccable organization and to the MAVC for providing us with such a unique opportunity.

The Mikiel Anton Vassalli College (MAVC) is now executing the City of Humanity platform and the budgets related to it. Head of College Network Mr Victor Galea announced that “this College for the Visual and Performing Arts Education, will continue to enhance the artistic skills of other voluntary participants with such learning opportunities. In fact, next in line is a drama workshop with James Grieve, a theatre director and Brad Birch an award-winning playwright.
Currently the Opera-Film reached the postproduction stages and it is envisaged that the film will be premiered during the second quarter of this year.