Reuben Pace

Director of BLAT Wins Malta Film Award

The Mikiel Anton Vassalli College and City of Humanity would like to congratulate Mr Alan Fenech, School Administrator at the Malta School for Dance & Drama, which is found within the same College, for the prestigious award won last Saturday at the Malta Film Awards. Fenech won the Best Classic Award for his film Scrooge which he had produced with Tony Parnis.
Scrooge was produced in 2008, and this film meant that for the first time ever, a classic book was available in Maltese for and on local television. The film, directed by Tony Parnis, was written, and produced by Alan Fenech who also interpreted the part of Bob Cratchit in this production.
Scrooge had original music composed by Dominic Cini, costumes by Louiè Noir, editing by Justin Camilleri and a makeup team led by Anton Farrugia, which were some of the main aspects that made this production one of a high calibre.

Alan Fenech in Scrooge interpreting Bob Cratchit

Alan Fenech is also the screen writer of the first ever Maltese opera film ‘BLAT – The Island Fortress’, a project which is being executed by the Mikiel Anton Vassalli College. Fenech is also the director of this opera film with original music by Mro Dr Reuben Pace and librettist George Peresso and Amy Borg.
The Head of College Network Mr Victor Galea said that “Alan Fenech is an inspiration for many children and youngsters who have the visual and performing arts at heart. I am sure that from the 3,000 students which register on a yearly basis at the Mikiel Anton Vassalli College, there will definitely be those who will pursue a career in the entertainment industry, and therefore I wish them all the best, that they commit towards their studies, so that they too will be successful.”

Alan Fenech (left) directing BLAT with Artistic Director Reuben Pace (right)

Galea concluded by saying that “the College wishes all the best to Alan Fenech for more successes in his writings, direction and film production, including the opera film BLAT – The Island Fortress.”
Currently the opera film reached the post production stages, and it is envisaged that the film will be premiered during the second quarter of this year.