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Blat Art Co-Ordinator Umberto Buttigieg featured on MaltArti

The Opera Film BLAT – The Island Fortress, a production by Mikiel Anton Vassalli College is featured on the local TV programme MaltArti. The focus is on the Film Art Co-ordinator Mr Umberto Buttigieg who is discussing the costume designs used in this epic opera production.
Being also the Administrator of the MAVC Malta School of Art, Mr Buttigieg organised a webinar for students taking art studies explaining the Artist as a Designer – Exploring the creative process in Film and Theatre/Opera. Around 80 students of art participated.
» Webinar Invite: The Artist as Designer – Exploring the Creative Process in Film and Theatre/Opera (gov.mt)

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 Umberto Buttigieg, Art Co-ordinator of the Opera Film production BLAT – the Island Fortress.
Video Link: https://fb.watch/bwxCZn5eXP/