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The Project

Belt il-Bniedem (City of Humanity) is an artistic/educational project conceived by the composer Reuben Pace and is being done in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of National Heritage, Arts and Local Government.

As from 2021 the Executive producer of the project is the Mikiel Anton Vassalli College for the Visual and Performing Arts under the guidance of the Head of College Network Mr. Victor Galea. Belt il Bniedem provides a platform for the creation of new multi-disciplinary productions based on Maltese heritage and history.

In 2018 the opera ‘Swar’ was put up to great acclaim. Currently work is going on the production of Blat – The Island Fortress , the first ever Maltese opera film.

Student Benefits

Work in a real world environment

A chance to bring the academic world nearer to the job world.

Ongoing interaction with professionals

Work side-by-side with real world professionals.

Self development

A chance to explore and expand themselves and their talents.

Team Work

Appreciate better the value of team work and coordination.


Realise the difference between theoretical planning and the practical world.

Curriculum Application

The work which they are doing as part of their curriculum will be used in a real world production.

New Skills

Learn new skills and knowledge outside the classroom environment.

Career Choice

All this will eventually lead them to make a better career choice.

A fascinating outlook on our past

This project is teaching me a lot about writing for an international production with people of diverse opinions, and it is giving me a fascinating outlook on our past. It is an honour to be a part of this experience.

A proud mentor

I am honoured to have written the first libretto of this opera cycle about the Great Siege of Malta (1565) and hence about the birth of a new city. In the second opera about the second World War, I am delighted to help young writers from Government Schools in the scripting of this story, based mainly in Valletta during the years preceding the war and during the war, hence its effects on the history and culture of Malta. The enthusiasm of the young budding writers has been an inspiration to me and made me feel a proud mentor.

The first opera in an opera cycle

Through a number of lectures of staging skills and practices together with a number of students and a talented architect, we have concluded the designs necessary for City of Humanity1 – SWAR (Fortifications), the first opera in an opera cycle being held next year in Valletta - European Capital of Culture 2018. Through media and communications, there are specific areas which overlap in Architecture, therefore being part of the team definitely helped define this project.

It was a great pleasure working with this production

It was a great pleasure working with this production back in 2018. I was offered a part in the choir ensemble; my first opera experience! Working with professional directors and artistic assistance was quite intense but helped me grow professionally. It enhanced my knowledge on all aspects of both vocal and acting work. It was such an unexpected but pleasant surprise when I was recently trusted with a bigger role than the first. This will be my debut as a soloist in opera. I am sure that with all that I’ve learnt so far, and with the invaluable support of my tutors at Malta School of Music as well as the producers, my potential will blossom and it will yet another unforgettable experience.

This experience brought forward a paradigm shift in our College

Why should a College be responsible for taking up the executive production of such project? This was my initial reaction. But Mikiel Anton Vassalli College (MAVC) is not just another state college in the Maltese Islands. MAVC is a network of specialized schools in Malta and Gozo striving for improving the quality of teaching the visual and performing arts and now it is officially licensed as a Further and Higher Education Institution.

This experience brought forward a paradigm shift in our College. Administrators of these specialized school took a further roles, mainly that of coordinating the artistic and musical direction, motivating their teachers as well as students from their respective disciplines to take up such roles outside their normal tasks, and assist in creating synergy between the various disciplines of dance, drama, art and music.

The Project's Three Main Aims

  • Identify individuals with exceptional artistic talents

    Giving them a platform to develop regardless of their artistic area.

  • Project the Maltese identity beyond our shores

    Create new multi-disciplinary productions of high calibre which utilise Malta’s immense historical and cultural heritage in a unique way.

  • Connect several educational and cultural entities

    Making possible creative tasks which could not be done by isolated entities thus making optimum use of the artistic creative assets of our country. Collaborations and networking with foreign cultural and educational entities are being also established to the mutual benefit of all.

Sponsors and Collaborators