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Tuesday, 7 August

At daybreak a general assault was made on St Michael’s as well as the Post of Castile with so much shouting, beating of drums and blaring of trumpets that would have caused wonder had we not experienced it before.

Monday, 6 August

As all our works were so levelled the Grand Master anticipated that the enemy might attack the Post of Castile and St Michael’s simultaneously so as to prevent us from sending aid to St Michael as usual having need of men to defend the Post of Castile, the key fortress… He immediately ordered that Captain Claramonte should hand over the Post of the Spur at St Michael’s to the crew of the Galley “Capitana” and to take the crew of the galley “Saint Gabriel” to the Post of Castile where he assigned him as his post all the grounds lying between Buonaninsegna and Maldonado… He also withdrew knights and soldiers from all the Posts which were least menaced and sent them to the Post of Castile and others to Saint Michael’s.

From 29 July to 2 August

When Muñatones together with many knights and soldiers, arrived at the entrance to the tunnel and saw the great danger in which they had been; they also discovered the other mine…