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Blog 82 - Tenor Angelo Muscat Talks about his experience in the production of Blat

As a voice student at the Malta School of Music, the Opera-Film “Blat” provided me with the opportunity to act and perform in front of cameras for the first time. This was really beneficial for my opera studies in the very near future regarding all the aspects involved directly or indirectly in opera performance. Despite the contemporary style of the music of “Blat” being new to me, I was highly inspired by the dramatic arias and expressive recitatives, composed by Dr. Reuben Pace. Under the dedicated guidance of my tutor Dr. Andriana Yordanova, I was able to identify and employ the vocal techniques required to perform this work. Surely I cannot fail to mention Mro. Riccardo Bianchi whose competence was indispensable in analyzing the theoretical aspect of the character of my role.

Blog 81 - Charlene Portelli

In this week’s blog Charlene Portelli, one of the sopranos in the City of Humanity vocal ensemble talks about her experience in the premier of City of Humanity 1 on the 14th of November last year.

Blog 80 - Astrid Cacciatore

In this week’s blog, Astrid Cacciatore, one of the sopranos in the City of Humanity Vocal Ensemble gives her experience in taking part in the production of City of Humanity 1.